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Need research before having abroad trip?

Do you research your trip’s information before you go abroad?

Might be for some people, they would make a tight schedule from 9 am to 10 pm (like working, huh?) with all details and all informations. Well, I’m not concerning for these people (Psst, they also prepare for the end of the world too! haha). But I want to talk about the people who don’t like making a schedule, just go and feel free there. I admit it that It’s very fun to get lost but at least you should make points what you should know before your trip abroad for preventing you in “zonk” situation.

1. In these days who can live without internet? Find where you can get internet for your lovely phone as soon as you arrive. You can buy a sim-card before your trip from the internet seller or you can rent a Wi-Fi router. Another alternative, do research if your hotel provides free Wi-Fi and also you can check the Airport’s Wi-Fi.

2. The food. It’s really important to do research what kind of food the country has and especially for those people who can’t eat everything. As an example, my mom doesn’t eat meat, chicken, cheese, etc. I could say, it’s bit hard when we’re in abroad. I have to find vegetarian food or fish or something she can eat. Hence, I have to know the common food before we go the country. And for others who can eat everything, this research for recommended food you should eat and what the taste is like, especially for food lovers! Plus you can get instagrammable photo for you and your food.

3. The events. Do you want to have unique experience while you’re traveling? Nah, this research helps you a lot. For example, I really want to see Japan Cherry Blossom Festival. I should know exactly when and where I can see it, how I can join the festival, or how much the ticket’s price, etc. Many kind of information you better know before you go there. I usually buy the festival’s ticket before I go. One of android apps I like is Klook. It provides many tickets in abroad, so I just click, click, pay, and done! Just wait the travel date.

4. The languages, of course! Okay, you might think “I can’t speak English very well, but I can use monkey language, right?”. In some countries, their citizens can’t speak English at all. Even you come to some villages in my country (Indonesia), they always speak their traditional languages which is I can’t understand well too (it’s very complicated languages haha). Just tips for you, learn a little bit the important words about the languages where you will visit such as thank you, asking for direction, asking for help, etc. Plus, you could get local price because of that.

5. The area where you will be staying at. Is it quiet area? or is it a very crowded area near many clubs? or is it very far from transportation public? Make sure you know for sure the condition too. You don’t want to stay where many criminals exist , do you? For example, when I went to Bangkok, the airport is quite far from the city. I decided to stay in hotel near apartment because I had to fly in early morning and I don’t want to miss the flight because of traffic jam. That’s what I mean you have to be clever to choose where you will stay.

6. The last but not least, the transportation. You should think what transportation you will use before you go somewhere. For example, I like using bus rather than MRT in Singapore because it is quite easy to find bus station and I don’t want to walk very far far far away (Lazy, uh). However, I still know the MRT track and I can still use it if it needed. But if you decide to rent a car, you can find a car rental before you go. It is prevent you to waste time finding car rental in airport. If you want to use taxi, you better search about the safest taxi company especially if you’re woman and you’ll arrive at night.

Overall, All of them are important for me and you should do research for your trip in abroad. I hope you enjoy your trip because we can’t go back to the past and let your experience become you memories.
~ Beauty On Vacay ~


This blog is where I share you everything about travelling’s life featuring makeup tips for travelling, travelling tips, and photography. Hopefully, you can get something from my blog and I can be part of your journey  Everything’s in the world is possible, Just be brave to dream it! “Find your precious diamond in yourself by travelling”~Beauty On Vacay~

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