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Why Don’t You Travel?



            I’ve always been asked why I am willing to spend much money on traveling instead of shopping for clothes or makeup (Well, I still love it, though). It’s true that traveling is one of the many expensive hobbies we can have but have you ever wondered why many people think that traveling isn’t important? and even do they exist in this world? Well, they just have reasons for that and this is what I’ve heard for real from them and I hope I can open both sides’ perceptions about traveling.

            “Traveling is just spending a lot of money, dear!”. This is the statement I often hear many times from people, no matter they are young or senior (saying old isn’t polite, right? :D). Yeah, this isn’t 100% wrong because when we do traveling, we have to spend money on hotels, accommodation, food, and even for souvenirs. However, what you get from traveling is the most important. What is it? actually, you can get many things from traveling but I’ll focus on 2 important things, first you’ll get healthier and the second is having more cherish to be alive. How can be it possible? it isn’t just a myth that traveling can relieve the stress because when you’re in a stress condition, stress can weaken your immune system and you get sick easily ( ). While we’re traveling we can reduce the chance of getting sick which is caused by stress such as hypertension, cancer, and heart disease and many more! Nah, if we can prevent sickness early, why not? because getting sick is a lot more expensive than travel itself.

            Then, why I said traveling can make you more feel alive because when you are traveling you can see people give you a happiness just from their smile and it’s more touching when you ask their help and they give it for free. You will feel so small in this universe and there are still many kind-hearted people in out there. Also, traveling can break your boring routines from working and help you feel fresh and be ready to work again. For me, I like sitting on the beach, hearing the sound of beach waves. I feel it so relaxing, calming in my mind and it helps me think clearly. You can believe it or not, it makes me stronger to face my problems.

            “Everywhere is the same, and traveling is useless just making you feel tired”. Raise your hand if you’ve heard this statement too. If I give you the reasons like traveling can develop your personality better, making you are more independent, better networking, getting more experience, and learning something new, hmm probably, you’ve already read it many times. But I want to give you another reason, Life is just once, agree? what we need is collecting the memories with this short life. Day per day you write your own book and you can make your book colorful by traveling because you will get unusual experience only from traveling and every person has different experiences which can’t be got with just listening from others’ people stories.

            Well, These reasons may be are very simple but we don’t need to have complicated reasons just for traveling. I hope it can open others’ mind about traveling. Traveling isn’t for solving our problem, we still need to manage it well and consider our financial or other reasons, and after that, we can enjoy as much as we can.

Eventually, every person has their own way to make happiness in their life and make sure you know yours.


This blog is where I share you everything about travelling’s life featuring makeup tips for travelling, travelling tips, and photography. Hopefully, you can get something from my blog and I can be part of your journey  Everything’s in the world is possible, Just be brave to dream it! “Find your precious diamond in yourself by travelling”~Beauty On Vacay~

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