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Why women use makeup?


It is common for women that they will not leave the house without drawing eyebrows or using eyeliner or even using full makeup. Makeup becomes women’ priority beside using skin care and they will be willing to spend hours just for using makeup. But why makeup has a big impact on women like that?

Many people said that using makeup can boost your confidence. Is it true? I could say yes it is absolutely true. Why? When you’re wearing makeup, you will correct your weaknesses to become your strengthens. As an example when a woman feels not like her eyebrows might be because they are too thin or too thick. With makeup, you can make your eyebrows as you want. With that confidence, it can give you a big impact when you are working or even you are in the school. You look professional and look mature. Perhaps, you will get trusts from other people based on your appearances.

Another reason is makeup can protect your skin from the sun. Well, we know that the sun’s ultraviolet can damage our skin such as sunburn, wrinkles, premature skin aging and even the worst is skin cancer. With using makeup with Sun Protection Factor (SPF), at least we can reduce it all from our beloved sun and always protect skin for our old ages. But, don’t forget to find out more about how to use SPF, ladies!

For everyone who uses makeup, makeup can improve our artistic skill. Some women will consider matching the eyeshadow’s color with their the style. How about drawing eye cat liner? Yeah, All of them is one of the proof that we can explore our hidden creativity and it can be a positive way to express yourself.

Well, now you know why your wife, mom, sister or yourself are wearing makeup, right?

Find and explore your precious diamond inside yourself! ~ BeautyOnVacay ~


This blog is where I share you everything about travelling’s life featuring makeup tips for travelling, travelling tips, and photography. Hopefully, you can get something from my blog and I can be part of your journey  Everything’s in the world is possible, Just be brave to dream it! “Find your precious diamond in yourself by travelling”~Beauty On Vacay~

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